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The Pentacle War: Book One - Hearts in Cups

The Pentacle War: Book Two - Swords and Wands


Short Fiction (NEED SOURCES):

"Sacred Space"

"Spala a Fairytale"

"Taking off Overcoats in Train Stations"



It is about "iconographic images in Byzantine art" according to her "about the author"

"Flash Fiction Challenge"

Link: https://indiesunlimited.com/2014/01/18/flash-fiction-challenge-the-place-of-bones/

"“What’s your plan then?” One of the prisoners demanded.

John grinned. “There is a guerite – a place on the wall from which the soldiers keep watch – called “The Devil’s Box.”

A dark-eyed man spoke from where sat. “La Garita del Diablo.”

John looked sharply at him. “You know it?”

The man nodded. “Do you?”

“Aye, a sweet lass I met down in the town told me of a way in and out of this fort through that sentry box.”

“And so that is how you plan to lead us out?”

It was John’s turn to nod. “See, I relieved the guard of his keys on his way out.” He held up the key ring and a ripple of agitation ran through the crowd. “I unlock the gate, we find the place where the Spaniards stash their gold, help ourselves and walk away.”

A sardonic smile appeared on the man’s face. “This girl, she called herself Dina?”

John involuntarily stepped back. “Aye, how did you know?”

“A girl with sea-green eyes and milky-white skin?”

Suddenly suspicious, he asked, “How do you know her?”

“I was once a guard here. I met and fell in love with this girl. She convinced me to steal gold and sneak out of my garita to give it to her.” Pulling open the front of his shirt, he exposed a chest hideously scarred with circular welts. “A sea-demon. What you call a mermaid. She gave me this as a token of her esteem.”"