About Her

From her book:

"Indie author Candace Gylgayton was born in Falmouth, Massachusetts, but spent her earliest years in Tokyo, Japan, before relocating to the Bay Area of California where she has lived ever since. Candace received her B.A. with departmental honours from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she wrote her thesis on the uses of iconographic images in Byzantine art. A self-acknowledged history geek, many of her stories reflect her fascination with the never-ending story of human beings. Along with a handful of short stories, some of which can be read at her website www.candacegylgayton.com , she is the author of the fantasy duet The Pentacle War , which is comprised of Hearts in Cups (Book One) and Swords and Wands (Book Two)."

How I know her:

I was a student of hers in the 6th grade at Stanley Middle School. The class she taught was called Core 6. It was a combination Language Arts, Reading, and History. Her class was one of my favorite classes. She inspired in me a love an enjoyment for history and creative writing, the latter of the two I still actively do. She was always so kind and caring, during rainy days she would let me and my friend/classmate would stay in her classroom. I still keep the papers of mine that she graded and gave notes on in a folder somewhere. I wasn't ever close with her personally and wasn't able to visit her after I left her class before her passing, but she still has left a lasting impact on my life. A testament to how good of a teacher she was. I wish I had the chance to know her better, and I hope I can honor her memory with this page. Thank you for visiting.