In Summer 2013, the Pentacle War Continues!

The field across which they fought had become a nightmarish scene of devastation. Uprooted trees lay haphazardly where they had been tossed among the broken bits and pieces of what had once comprised two large, well-equipt armies. Trying to escape destruction amid the detritus of the battle huddled the men who had not so long ago been the soldiers of those armies. No longer aware of the existence of those they had led onto the battle-field, the two men responsible for this carnage stood upon their twin hills and raged at one another. The battle had become a duel and the motivation had slipped to one of primal forces. Taking form from the ancient spells that originally bound and sealed them, great sheets of water rained down from the wings of a monstrous black swan while from the golden boar’s nostrils a maelstrom blew. The human agents of these competing powers were oblivious of everything except being the focus for these tremendous energies. Lit by a shimmering crepuscular light, Branwilde and Niall were the only beings clearly visible as the prince and his three followers came within sight of the actual battle plain.  Brian drew rein and silently surveyed what lay before him. At his side, Hollin shivered and pulled her cloak more closely about herself.

Against the odds, Hollin of Langstraad and her sworn paxman, Daffyd, ride back into the kingdom from the north, only to find the once united realm torn asunder by civil war.

In Mirvanovir, Niall de Brennin, goaded by pride and the lust for power, has led his followers into acts of treachery, betrayal and murder. Having drawn his sword and set his armies in motion, Niall is intent on gaining a crown by ruthlessly destroying any who stand against him.

In Tuenth, the duke and one of his sons lie dead at the hand of a traitor, while Hywell, the duke’s heir, condemned for the murders, flees for his life only to be hunted as an outlaw.

In Creon, Branwilde D’Aurilac has sent his call to the Heads of the Great and Minor Houses to gather under his banner as he prepares to go to war. While his allies struggle to bring their armies to join him, he finds himself lured into playing Niall’s game.

In Langstraad, young Ian de Medicat, his wife, Angharad, and their allies wait behind the besieged walls of Castle Lir keeping watch on the army of the Inner Ward until an unexpected move breaks the stalemate.

And in the capital city of Pentarin, the lovely and dangerous Rashara discovers that genies cannot be forced back into their bottles. The power that she conjured and sought to wield comes with a terrible price. As the city falls deeper under the evil spell of Rashara’s powerful ally, those few individuals willing to contest it must make alliances, joining the traditions of old and new arcana in their effort to eradicate the darkness.