The Pentacle War Begins!

“She is the Duchess of Langstraad,” Colin said, kissing her forehead. “It is not easy to be the Head of any of the Houses, especially one of the Great Houses, and she is young and essentially alone. I don’t blame her for whatever barriers she must stand behind. She is in a potentially vulnerable position and we will need all our wits, along with whatever extra she can provide, to negotiate this council session successfully.”

Dinea looked closely at her husband, a frown of concern on her face. “I thought that we had a good plan for dealing with the other Houses?”

“We do, my dear lady, we do. However, we don’t know what bag of tricks Niall is bringing with him, or anyone else’s response to our plans. But that singular young lady will be their biggest stumbling block. I will be very surprised if she doesn’t carry the day.”

The Heads of all the Great and Minor Houses are on a collision course and only one person seems to be capable of saving the Pentarchy from civil war and destruction from within: Brian Gwydion ap Gryffyd, the lost prince of Sandovar.  But there has been no word for many years from Prince Brian, who vanished into the northern mountains, and many believe that he is now dead, or should be declared so.   As the Pentacle Council prepares to convene to discuss the question of the long vacant throne, the players, major and minor, have gathered to press their claims, push their agendas and plot with one another for control of the Pentarchy.

Into the thorny question of succession comes Hollin Morwen Medicat Lir, Duchess of Langstraad and Head of a Great House in her own right.  Confident, independent and willing to take the initiative, Hollin is making her own plans for retrieving the lost prince and setting the kingdom to rights.

The Pentacle War – Book One: Hearts in Cups is historical fantasy.  While the world of the Pentarchy is invented, the people who inhabit it are very real.  Hollin, a woman who is willing to risk everything for what she believes in; Ian, her cousin, trying to cope with responsibilities that seem beyond his ability; Angharad, a spoiled and reckless girl whose actions may destroy those who love her the most; Percamber, the aging regent who dreams of seeing his grandson return and lift the burden of rule from his shoulders; Niall, a man of great power whose arrogance prods him to take the path of treason; Rashara, a woman of ambition not afraid to gamble for the highest of stakes using the most dangerous of means; Colin and Dinea, Percamber’s closest friends and advisors, trying desperately to keep the shadow of war from tearing the five kingdoms apart.  Together and apart the men and women of the Pentarchy struggle to maintain or destroy what they have been given to hold and protect.

Evocative and atmospheric, The Pentacle War – Book One: Hearts in Cups is filled with the action of adventure and the politics of power.  As deeds of valor tangle with those of deceit, it may be the many shifting facets of magic, in all its guises, that will determine the ultimate fate of the realm known as the Pentarchy!

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