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A quest to find a lost prince.

A duke goes to war to be made a king.

A young man and woman discover love in a season of strife.

A woman of arcane power exceeds her own expectations, to the damnation of all.


Upheaval and change are in the wind.  A throne sits empty as the stories of a prince, long deemed lost, are once more being told.  The Pentarchy, a vast kingdom ruled by the five Great Houses, finds itself on the sword’s edge of civil war.

Far from home, family or friends, Hollin, the Head of the Great House of Langstraad, a woman of charm with a will of adamant, rides forth to use her powers political and arcane to prevent the destruction of the Pentarchy.

The threat of war seems fated to become a reality.  Soon men will be betrayed and murdered, armies will assemble and something not of this world shall find an entrance into it. As the bonds of temporal and magical forces that hold the Pentarchy together begin to dissolve, both men and women will learn all too well where the lust for power can lead the unscrupulous – and the unwary.

“…once the game has been set in motion it will go on
whether you will or no.”

Evocative and atmospheric, The Pentacle WarBook One: Hearts in Cups is filled with the action of adventure, intrigue, deception and magic.  It is a story of heroic deeds and romantic exploits.  It is the story of one woman whose strength of character and clarity of vision propel her and the people who love and come to love her into a battle to save themselves and all they cherish.


Buy The Pentacle War – Book One: Hearts in Cups from Amazon.com


And coming in Summer 2013, the Pentacle War continues in Book Two: Swords and Wands!